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This year, Camping Los Gallardos is developing two exciting new ways to introduce local businesses to our customers.


Camping Los Gallardos brings hundreds of new customers yearly to the levante region of Almería. Many of these are short term campers who have an ultimate destination in mind – others are campers who are simply touring Spain. Others come to spend the winter with us, or are residents who regularly use our facilities, but we'll return to this segment in a moment. We want to introduce the area to our clients in the hope that we can convince them to stay longer, and are looking to partner with local businesses to offer, upon arrival, a series of hand picked offers to show new arrivals just what is available in the area and hopefully turning them into new clients for you.

A unique, free, cross marketing proposal

All we ask is that your business identify an attractive once off offer which we will then present to our new arrivals in a “voucher book” format, along with a description of your business and map. We'll take care of the presentation and distribution, all we need is your offer, a timescale in which it is valid, and a guarantee that you'll honour the offer when the voucher is presented at your door.
Our new customers get a taste of what the area can provide (hopefully tempting them into staying longer) and you get a free presentation to new arrivals to the area.

And for more established clients of ours...

Camping Los Gallardos, via our mobile home park and the Almeria Lawn Bowling Centre, has access to hundreds of local residents who use our services every week. We currently offer a loyalty scheme, called the “camping clubcard”, which is similar to a supermarket loyalty card (see for more information).
We are again looking for hand picked offers from local businesses to present to our customers via the Camping Clubcard scheme.
Our intention here is to provide our local residents with attractive new offers from local businesses that they may be unaware of. Clients from Arboleas may not know that your business in Mojacar is operating, for example, and we want to help market you to new customers of ours. We want to reward our customers, by introducing them to new services and businesses in a unique and friendly way.

In short...

To participate, all we need is for you to think of two great offers to attract new clients:

  • An offer for new campers, who may never have been to this region before and who need a quick and attractive introduction to the best services around
  • An offer for residents, both onsite and in the area, to present your business to them and to entice them through your doors
If you think you can offer some great deals to get these new clients through your doors, and hopefully help keep them in the local economy, just contact us with your idea!

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